1. General Provisions


1.1. The CANADIAN DIGITAL INFLUENCER AWARDS is an initiative of the company Azevedo Lewko Holdings Incorporated produced in collaboration with FMA Entertainment. The CDIAwards design to recognize excellence and highlight the outstanding achievements of Canadian Influencers. Winners will be revealed at the OUR SPECIAL EDITION Virtual Awards Gala on October 15, 2020 in Vancouver.

1.2 The CIDAwards nominations & submissions will be open from July 1 to Aug 15, 2020. Upon the close of nominations, the CDIAwards team will research to verify nominees. The CDIAwards judges will vote for the top 10 finalists. The nominees' finalist will be notified and then announced on the event website on August 21.


Nominations and Voting Schedule


  • Submissions and Nominations July 1– Aug 15

  • Top 10 nominees announcement  Aug 21

  • Voting for the Top 3 finalist voting per category  Aug 23 – Sept 06

  • Top 3 Finalist announcement Sept 09

  • Final award voting per category Sep 11 – Oct 02

  • The Awards Virtual Ceremony Oct 15, 2020

Voters and Influencers through voting on the CDIAwards website (, as detailed in item 4 of this regulation. After the disclosure of the 10 digital influencers in each of the 10 categories and consequently will continue into the competition 


Voting for the three finalists in each of the categories;

Voting for the winner of each category.


1.3. In each voting phase(s) of the CDIAwards, users will be able to vote only ONE time per Category. For the vote to be properly counted by the prize organization, the internet user must necessarily:


Having the Facebook profile, used in the voting register, active for more than six months;

Be analyzed as a true profile (the use of robots is prohibited).


1.4. An independent audit firm, through its team of professionals specialized in risk management, will monitor the voting of users in all voting process: the choice of the three finalists and the big winner of each category of the Canadian Digital Influencer Awards 2020.



2.1. The Canadian Digital influencer Awards is divided into 14 categories as specified below:


 Category for those who use digital platforms to influence the public on topics related to cinema, theater, literature and the arts in general.


who use social networks to talk about topics related to personal beauty, such as makeup and haircut tips, beauty products and aesthetic procedures.


Creators that aim to inform and share content about business, economy and entrepreneurship


For digital influencers that share content about everything related to homebuilding, design and decor. 


Digital influencers who are dedicated to giving tips and analyzing issues related to the world of fashion.


Influencers that post the best practices in their networks to promote physical activities and and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.


Influencers give tips and share  practices and knowledge related to the art of food and culinary.


For digital influencers that share content about their luxury  lifestyle in general and show case luxury brands. 



Influencers that share  information and give valuable tips related to the family environment, such as the relationship between parents and children.


Category that honors influencers in the entertainment community who help brands build awareness and create contents.


Influencers who use their profiles on social networks to give tips on itineraries and travel destinations around the world.


This category is for influencers of any nature that dedicate total or part of their channels in support of their community, charity events/campaigns and fundraisers.


3.1. Nominee - Must have an active profile in at least one of these social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube which has at least 2000 followers, subscribers or fans. 

3.2. Nominee - Resident or citizen of Canada (proof of status and identification document will be required).

3.3 Employees and collaborators of CDIAwards, as well as their relatives and directly related, cannot be nominated.



To subscribe as a voter for the Canadian Digital Influencers Award, you must have a valid registration (profile) on the platform used as a voting tool. 




5.1. The CDIAwards team of professionals and experts in Influence Marketing will analyze the nominations of internet users and determine the final list of 10 nominees in each of the 12 categories.

5.2. Internet users will make their nominations considering the set of work on the social networks of each influencer.  The following platforms will be considered: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

5.3. Employees and sponsors of CDIAwards, as well as their relatives and directly related, cannot be nominated.



6. THE TOP 10

The 10 digital influencers nominated in each category will be announced by our website and on August 21  2020, through the official website of the Canadian Digital influencers Awards ( and, eventually, other media.



7.1. After the disclosure of the 10 nominees in the 12 categories the public will be invited to vote and elect the three finalists in each category from August 23 to Sept 06, 2020. Each user will be able to vote for up to one influencer per category, only once.

7.2. At the end of the period of this phase, the votes will be analyzed, totalled and audited.

7.3 The criteria for choosing the three finalists in each category will be the sum of the valid votes. Each category  will have their votes analyzed separately and the 3 influencers of each one with the highest number of valid votes will be announced in the next phase as finalists on Sept 09, 2020. 


7.4. If there is a tie in number of votes, the following criterion will be used: the influencer with the largest number of followers added on all of his platforms will go to the next stage (the following platforms will be considered: YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). If the tie persists, the influencer with the highest number of followers per platform will be classified in the following order: 1. YouTube, 2. Instagram, 3. Facebook, 4. Twitter.


7.5. If, after applying the criteria, the tie remains, all tied candidates will be classified as finalists for the next stage.

The number of votes for each nominee will not be released.


The three finalists in each category  will be announced by the CDIAwards and eventually from other media  on Sept 09, 2020. 



9.1. After the disclosure of the three finalists in each category , internet users will again be invited to vote for the winner of each category, according to their preferences, exclusively over the internet, from September 11 to Oct 02. Each Internet user you can vote for ONE professional per category, only once.


9.2. At the end of the period of this phase, the votes will be analyzed by CDIAwards. 


9.3. The criteria for choosing the three finalists will be the sum of the valid votes of registered users. Each category will have its votes analyzed separately.

9.4. If there is a tie in number of votes, the following tiebreaker criteria will be used, respecting the respective order, and successively:

9.4.1. The winner will be considered the candidate who obtains the highest number of valid votes in the previous phase;


In case of a tie, the following criteria will be used:



9.4.2. The group of industry professional will vote for the winner. The number of votes for each finalist will not be released. The independent auditing company will monitor the execution of the tiebreaker process.



The winners of the Canadian Digital Influencer Awards will be those professionals who obtain the highest number of votes in each category.



The winning professionals from each category will be announced during the award ceremony Online on the night of Oct 15, 2020.



12.1. The 12 winners will each receive a trophy, as merit for being the big winners of the edition and a digital certified badge .



13.1. CDIAwards decisions are sovereign and there will be no resources of any kind to challenge them, a device with which all participants tacitly express their full agreement.



13.2. The CDIAwards reserves the right to change dates or reformulate part of the regulation without prior notice to the participants, if necessary, according to its discretion, for the best progress of the Canadian Digital Influencer Award.


13.3. All rights of the Canadian Digital influencer Award are reserved to the company Azevedo Lewko Incorporated.


13.4. Any doubts regarding this regulation can be clarified through the e-mail subject  Awards


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